Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program was initiated by “the Julie Center’s own young men” and was created to engage with youth and families in our communities and in our schools to create positive change in East Baltimore, especially Southeast Baltimore.   The goal of the program is to equip young people with the skills required to identify the issues needing to be addressed in their communities, identify how they can address those needs, and develop and execute specific strategies to bring about the desired change.   

The participants identify needs, educate themselves, organize the outreach activities, secure funding, if needed, and ensure the groups continued engagement with the community regarding its needs.

Recent outreach activities include:

  • Town Hall Community Meeting
  • Summer Family Game Day
  • Distribution of 500 pairs of socks to the homeless under Baltimore’s Causeway

  • Conducted a “Youth Resources Day” to help other young people to get involved with the many organizations working to make Southeast Baltimore a strong and vibrant community.

  • Invited members from the “Helping Up Mission” to help them understand what outreach to homeless and addicted individuals involves.
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