We have now heard wonderful news from President Joe Biden that he refuses to reduce the amount of the third round of stimulus checks, giving at least $1,400 to each qualifying resident. He stated, “I’m not cutting the size of the checks. They’re going to be $1,400. Period. That’s what the American people were promised.”

In a time where there are so many Americans in desperate need of assistance, there are also many people who simply do not need this amount of money, even though they qualify. We at the Julie Community Center want to do our best to support our neighbors who do need support at this time; and when we heard of a campaign in Central Oregon called ‘Redirect the Check’, we knew we had to step up as well.

About a month ago, the Central Daily Oregon News team decided to reach out to their community, and ask those who were fortunate enough to redirect their stimulus checks so they could redistribute it to organizations who could extend a helping hand to community members who need it most. We at the Julie Community Center want to do the same. We are asking anyone who is able and willing to donate a portion or all of their stimulus checks to us, so we can use it to extend our food distribution site and continue our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which has already helped dozens of families pay their rent and bills.

Baltimore is a strong community, and together we can make it through this pandemic!

Please donate through the link below:



From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your donations,

The Julie Community Center


Not able to donate? Sharing this link is just as important!